The History of Colorado's Climax Molybdenum Mine

High atop the Continental Divide, the Climax Mine opened during World War 1 to meet military needs for molybdenum, a metallic element that enhances the toughness and durability of steel. The Climax mine became the most successful American company of the Great Depression, even as its workers cursed the mine as "that hellhole near the sky." Steve Voynick's deft portrayal of Climax and its people, and more than 100 rare photographs, make this an invaluable addition to western mining lore. This 6"x9" paperback has 366 pages. See table of contents below.

Climax: The History of Colorado's Climax Molybdenum MineTable of Contents

Chapter 1. A Most Unusual Mineral1
Chapter 2. The Mountain of Molybdenum19
Chapter 3. The Battle for Bartlett Mountain, 1916-191931
Chapter 4. The "Anti-Climax" Molybdenum Company, 1920-192875
Chapter 5. That Hellhole Near the Sky, 1929-193595
Chapter 6. Growing Pains, 1936-1939139
Chapter 7. Beyond Reasonable Limits, the 1940s163
Chapter 8. The New Climax, 1950-1957201
Chapter 9. Some Very Rough Years, 1958-1962233
Chapter 10. The Cash Cow, 1963-1969259
Chapter 11. The Giant on the Hill, the 1970s281
Chapter 12. Shutdown, the 1980s311
Chapter 13. New Directions, the 1990s335
Sources, Acknowledgements, and Thanks349
About the Author366